Luxury hand framed knitwear for babies and children. Made with great care in the UK

Jenny's Story

I have always been a little bit in love with all things knitted. My own skills are wonky and amateurish at best, but my mum is a wonderful knitter. Ever since they were newborns, my sons have worn the beautiful, simple jumpers and cardigans she's knitted for them. It's always felt good to know they were wrapped up in something really warm that was made with love.

That became the inspiration for Little Knittle. I wanted to create something to keep little ones warm and protected that wouldn't get in the way of running, playing, tree climbing or any of the other important things that children get up to.

It was something I spent many months thinking about and after the birth of my second son, I slowly started the process of making it a reality, whilst continuing with my day job in PR. It's often said 'it takes a village' and that's certainly true of getting Little Knittle off the ground. The garment design, the logos, the photography was all done by local friends and neighbours near me in East London. There were many planning sessions around the kitchen table after school, with the kids running around the house.

So between Hackney in London and Hawick in Scotland, we've produced a range that I'm really proud to be sharing.