Luxury hand framed knitwear for babies and children. Made with great care in the UK

About Little Knittle

Little Knittle makes luxury knitwear for babies and children using traditional manufacturing techniques, unchanged for nearly a century. At our small, family run factory in the Scottish borderlands, skilled knitters hand frame each item before it is then carefully linked together, washed, pressed and finished by hand. At Little Knittle we're passionate about protecting the skills that have been passed down from generation to generation and we firmly believe that the time and care that goes into making each piece can be seen in the finished results.

Everything in the Little Knittle range is made from the highest quality lambswool. Our yarn is spun in Yorkshire using the very latest technology to ensure minimal damage to the fibres, something that results in extremely soft yarns. Little Knittle designs are unisex but come in a range of colours to suit even the choosiest of our small customers.

(Hand framing is a knitting technique where by the weaving machine is hand operated; the knitter pulls a metal carriage backwards and forwards along the long rows of needles.)